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Our Parking Lot Striping and Curb Marking Procedures

 If necessary we will provide a drawing on your projects. These Drawings may show areas to be patched, cracks filled, coated, and marked. These drawings if provided will show:

1. Areas to be striped.

2. Location of the drive lanes.

3. Specific colors to be used for markings.

4. Handicapped areas, arrows, and etc.

Please note: Narrow stalls can result in nicked car doors. Laying out a parking lot properly should result in a good flowing traffic pattern and ample parking places. If a parking lot has recently been sealed, the traffic pattern can be changed. If there are bad oil spots on the lot, there may be adhesion problems with the new markings where they cross oil spots unless the pavement in these areas is patched. We protect adjacent curbs, walks, fences, structures, and other items from receiving paint

Paint Specifications

We use only Sherwin Williams Acrylic Based Traffic paints unless otherwise requested. This paint will usually dry to a no pickup state in 45 to 60 minutes at 50% RH. The colors available are White, Yellow, Blue and Red.

We chose to use acrylic paints (latex) as they are less harmful to the environment because they contain no harmful solvents and our equipment can be cleaned up with just water. Oil based products require the use of mineral sprits and other chemicals to break down the paints and usually leave a few gallons of waste to properly dispose of.


We use a Commercial airless spray striping machine capable of applying an even coating in an even width across the stripe. We only apply marking paint in dry weather when pavement and atmospheric temperatures are fifty (50) degrees F. and are anticipated to remain above fifty (50) degrees F. for four (4) hours after completing application. This ensures proper adhesion and a longer lasting product.

Property Inspection

We perform a physical inspection of every property before providing a quote. There is no minimum price for small lots, they are figured on a per foot basis and additional items such as handi-cap markings, curbs, etc. We currently charge a $15.00 mobilization fee to cover the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance on all accepted quotes.


We blow clean the striping areas to provide a clean area for the acceptance of the paint. If there is any built-up debris which needs to be removed it is dry broomed to break it loose before blowing occurs. Generally this is sufficient to create an excellent bond with the surface to be striped. Old built up layers of paint may need to be pressure washed and will be quoted as an alternate. You may choose to use your own maintenance people for this as well.

Next we layout markings using guide lines, templates, forms and stencils. Sometimes taping off an odd item may be done to ensure correct duplication. We will never "Free hand" paint any arrows, symbols, or wording.

New asphalt or sealcoating.

New asphalt surfaces should be cured for 14 days prior to applying any paint to the surface. We can, upon request, apply high visibility chalk lines for this 14 day period to allow the use of the lot until the traffic paint can be applied.

New sealcoating surfaces should cure for at least 24 hours prior to applying paint to the surface. We can, upon request, apply high visibility chalk lines for this 24 hour period to allow the use of the lot until the traffic paint can be applied.


We always barricade marked areas during installation and until the marking paint is dried and ready for traffic.